General dentistry is the branch of medicine involving the care and prevention of oral health conditions, diseases and disorders.  It is our responsibility to provide preventative care and patient education to promote a healthy smile for life and preclude the need for treatments. Dr. Berman is also responsible for diagnosing conditions that affect the mouth, teeth, gums and jaws, as well as developing the most effective treatment plan with his patient’s best interests in mind.

Dr. Berman, like all general dentists, attended and completed dental school to achieve a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Upon completion, dentists may take national and state certification exams, which prove a proficiency to practice. Upon passing the exams, state licensure is awarded on an individual basis. After this, some dentists choose, as did Dr. Berman, to continue advanced training through a residency program to broaden and enhance their skills.

General dentists typically do not focus on any particular specialty, instead opting to provide generalized dental care to patients. In some cases, general dentists may refer a patient to a specialty provider for care or treatment that is beyond the scope of general dentistry. However, most general dentists are capable of providing complete examinations, cleanings, root canals, tooth fillings, extractions and tooth prosthetics. Dr. Berman's choice to pursue training beyond the scope of routine dentistry enables him to provide additional services in house that other offices may not be able to provide, including placement and restoring dental implants.

General dentistry is best when patients use it for preventive care, rather than for corrective treatment. By visiting Dr. Berman twice annually for cleaning and examination, patients can avoid decay and identify potential oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, in their earliest stages. However, even if a problem is noted in the later stages, there are solutions which can be implemented to correct them.

General dental services offered at Easton Familiy Dental include, but are not limited to, preventive care as well as tooth colored fillings and crowns. Fillings are utilized to correct smaller areas of decay on teeth while dental crowns are used when the majority of a tooth is affected with decay, or breakage, to rebuild a tooth (or multiple teeth). Our office also offers specialty services, which can be viewed by clicking on the other services listed.